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In this seventh Master Class, formerly organised by Philips Research, you will explore and experiment with the key aspects of Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Almost all established companies recognise the strategic importance of innovation, intrapreneurship, corporate venturing and the creation of new markets in sustaining growth in global business. Many large companies, however, are struggling to identify and integrate the new skills and mindsets required for ongoing growth.

The Master Class Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship focuses on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and corporate venturing and introduces the tool of Open Innovation as a means of generating new business. In five intensive days, participants will grasp the fundamentals of Open Innovation as applied to developing new venturing options for global corporations, and a business framework - including finance, sales, marketing, technology and human capital - that is relevant for start-up ventures.


Seventh Masterclass in Open Innovation

and Corporate Entrepreneurship


Deurne, The Netherlands

15 - 21 April 2010

The course is led by three internationally-renowned experts in innovation and entrepreneurial management: Henry W. Chesbrough from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business; Lüder Tockenbürger Professor at the Steinbeis University, partner of DISSEL and an expert in Sales and Management; and Marcel Dissel, director at DISSEL and specialist in Innovation and Business planning.

This corporate entrepreneurship course teaches the fundamentals of Open Innovation as applied to developing new venturing options for global corporations. The participants will be given the opportunity to develop and refine their business case, which will be evaluated during the last day of the course by an objective and demanding team of experts.

The combination of world-class teaching and business case development will strengthen each participant's new business development and venturing skills. It will also provide the participants with an Open Innovation framework in which, through collaboration with a variety of partners, new ventures can be created with a perspective outside their current corporate or startup environment.

This course is open to corporate and startup entrepreneurs. Click here for more information.


Prof. Lueder Tockenbuerger

Dr. Marcel Dissel

Prof. Henry Chesbrough